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Security Doors: Keeping Your Family Safe

If you’re a parent, home security is a subject which will be very familiar to you.  We’d like to give you some practical tips about home security. Top Priority Security – Access points Doors and windows are easy access points. Best practice home security is to install...

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1 key to work all your locks

Are you sick of having a bunch of keys for your house. Did you know in most cases we can make 1 key work for all the doors in your house. Your security doors, timber doors, garage doors and even the letterbox can all work off the same key, wouldn't that be so much...

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Don’t be left in the dark, secure your meter box

Do you have an external meter box without a key lock?  This is the easiest way for someone to quickly turn your power off and leave you in the dark.  If you want to protect yourself install an Energex approved padlock to your meter box cupboard.  These specially made...

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Never Get Locked Out Again

Have you ever been locked out of your house? Do you have spare hidden in a secret spot outside?  It can be very frustrating when you are in a rush and you quickly close the door only to realize that your keys are inside.  Install a "key-safe" at your property and you...

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Save $$$thousands by getting a spare car key cut

Car keys aren't what they used to be. From 2001 any passenger car sold in Australia by law had to have an electronic immobilizer security system fitted to the car. This high tech device prevents the thieves from hot-wiring your car. This technology involves 2 main...

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Lock-bumping break-ins: simple, effective and popular

Lock bumping is a simple technique for bypassing the security of pin-tumbler locks — the locks most commonly used for residential and business doors.Lock bumping is a disturbingly common lock vulnerability.It’s a simple break-and-enter technique. It’s quiet, fast and...

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