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Thank you, the Forcefield screens are perfect and having only one key is amazing.  From myself and on behalf of my mother, can we thank you for your professionalism and the high standard of work.  I would be happy to recommend you.


Kim Angell

That’s great Steve….the Forcefield doors look really good. Thanks for the good work.


Peter Mulready

We are very pleased with the Forcefield screen doors and look forward to having cooler evenings with the airflow that can now come through!

Many thanks.


Karen Nicholson

Hi Steve

Thanks so much for all of your help and yes we do agree the Forcefield doors look great.

Thanks again!
Kind regards


Jac & Nath

Hey Steve,

Thank you so much for our Forcefield front door

We are both very happy with the result.  Really appreciate your professionalism in getting the job done.


Robbie Andrews

We were very impressed with the service we received and the quality of workmanship. Steve was on time and communicated clearly and concisely. When presented with a challenge, he offered various options. I would highly recommend Door 2 Door Locksmith and Security.

Adam Gallagher, Maleny

Adam Gallagher

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for our front security door.
The door looks excellent and has added value as well as functionality to our house.
Thank you for prompt service and excellent pricing.
The little things really make a difference. The fact that all the doors are keyed the same now is an added bonus.
Thanks, great product, great price and amazing service. Happy to recommend your business.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson

To whom it may concern,

Steven McGill from Door 2 Door locksmith and security provided a great service when we used his business for locksmith work at our Laundry-Mat shop after a break in. Steven provided great advice and got our shop resecured to a high level of security. Since my initial contact with Steven I have since used his services several times and I believe Steven is a very reputable tradesman with a high level of professionalism towards his work. I will continue to use his services and believe he is an asset to his industry.

Homemaker Centre 07 54702748

Noosaville, QLD 4566

Bert Mobbs

Owner, Powder Blue Laundrette

To whom it may concern,

Steve is our trusted locksmith who we use to look after our locking systems at our office in Maroochydore. He has provided us with keyless entry for our rear entry door and also upgraded the security of this door with fire approved locksets and hardware. He has also converted several internal doors to keyless entry. Steve’s knowledge of lock systems and fire exit building safety codes was great. The level of service Steve provided was fantastic.I will continue to use his services and believe he is a great tradesman and a pleasure to deal with.

Unit 3, Plaza Links Building, Plaza Pde

Maroochydore, QLD 4558

David Fowler

Sunshine Coast Manager, Q Academy

To whom it may concern,

Steven provided a very high level of service when we used his business for locksmith work at our high rise apartment complex. His professional attitude towards his work and finished product was excellent. I have used Steven on several occasions and he has always been pleasant to deal with. His product knowledge was good and he has a great understanding of what the customer wants and does his best to accommodate their needs.

I believe Steven is hard working, trust worthy and a valuable asset to the security industry.

Maroochydore, QLD 4558

Email: rocolwhittaker@gmail.com

Ross Whittaker

Manager, The Point Apartments

To whom it may concern,

We have utilized Steven from Door 2 door locksmith and security when we acquired our new shop in Maroochydore. Steven provided a high level of service and was very pleasant to deal with and the work performed was completed to a high standard.

Steven’s knowledge base is in-depth with the ease and ability to discern what we were trying to achieve and did his best to accommodate this, he also displayed a high knowledge of locks and fire escape regulations.

Since our initial contact with Steven we have since used his services again for an emergency afterhours lock issue which he was very prompt in fixing and achieving in securing our office within a short time period. I believe Steven is a professional tradesman in the security industry and am happy to utilize his services again when or as required.

Maroochydore, QLD 4558
0418 428 984

Tony Schmid

Artius Health Pty Ltd

A well priced and first class service.

Valdora, QLD

Roger Leigh

Sunshine Coast Homeowner

Steve from Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security was a true automotive locksmith professional. He came out to our Ford Falcon which had an ignition problem and the key would no longer start the car. He fixed up the ignition and it works like new again. He did the job in good time and was excellent to deal with the entire time. He saved me a fortune compared to the dealers. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Sarah Saunders

Pomona, QLD

Sarah Saunders

I needed an emergency locksmith as I had locked my keys inside my BMW. RACQ could not get into the car. I was tempted to break a window until I spoke to Steve from Door 2 Door locksmith & Security and he said he would be able to get into the car quickly with absolutely no damage at all. He was polite and nice to deal with so I got him out to open my car. To my shock he had the car opened with no issues at all. I was amazed with his service and skills. I would recommend his services again.

Anthony Allen

I lost all my keys for my Mazda 323 which had the little chip inside the key. I needed help asap as I needed the car to take my children to school. I spoke to Door 2 Door locksmith & security and they informed me that they can come out to the car and make me a set of working keys. They came out and opened up the car and made me a set of working keys. They were very professional and I was so happy. Great job, well done and thank you for the prompt service.

Golden Beach, Caloundra

Samantha Roberts

I just brought a second hand Toyota Rav 4 and needed to get more keys for the car.  I only had 1 key and it was a Valet key which couldn’t be used to programmed in more keys.  Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security explained this in detail and told me that they would have to reset the ECU back to factory setting to be able to program in new Master keys.  They were excellent to deal with and their knowledge of the car key systems was great.  I got them to do the job and it was all done in a few hours.  I now have 2 master keys and my existing valet key for my car.  Very happy with the service I received and I will have no problems going back in the future for any more car keys.  Excellent service, Thank you.

Cooroy, QLD

Ian Hodgkinson

My situation was I lost all my keys to my little Toyota Corolla which had the immobilizer inside the key. I rang the Toyota dealership and they said it would cost me 3K to change all the locks and put in a new immobilizer. I rang Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security and was blown away by how knowledgeable they were with all this electronic immobilizer key stuff. They were able to come out onsite open up my car and create a working immobilizer key. It works the exact same as the original ones I lost and they didn’t have to replace any locks or put in any new immobilizer system. These guys were a lifesaver! Better than great service, Would highly recommend to anyone. Fantastic!

Pomona, QLD

Maureen Cummings

Door 2 Door Locksmith & Security came out to my car to make me a set of keys for my Holden Rodeo as I had lost them at the beach. Steve was great to deal with over the phone and got him to come out and do the job. He was fantastic, had the car open and the key was made quickly. What a true professional. Thank you for your help and we would like to thank you for your great service that we received.

Dalby, QLD

Kyle Dahlstrom

Door 2 Door locksmith & security rekeyed all my locks after purchasing my new unit. I received excellent service from them so I got them to install a new Prowler Proof security door and window screen. They look great, I am stoked with how they look. They did an excellent job installing them and I will use them in the future.

Alexandra Headlands, QLD

Kyle Edwards